Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jacob 'Brily's' Story

Jacob 'Brily' Kloss
After the 'first' go around just a few short months ago, 14 to be exact I was ready to pop. As you can tell from the picture above, this was no small child I would be delivering. I couldn't breathe, sleep, bend, find shirts or pants that fit, see my feet, or understand why they look like elephant feet. I had a scheduled C-section on September 24th, 2008 but after a few attempts of trying to escape & my blood pressure sky rocketing we had to change that. On September 18th I went to the doctor and learned that my high blood pressure was not cutting it and that I was having a baby that day. WHOA WHOA WHOA... that is my twin niece and nephews birthday! They already share with each other they don't need a cousin to share with. So I begged and pleaded with the doctor to wait until another day. She agreed and gave me strict orders to be on bed rest and DO NOTHING. Ha, if you know me when those last few weeks arrive so does the nesting. I was cleaning like a mad woman, going to a birthday party, packing & preparing, giving strict order as to how Jace is to be cared for, & worrying!
Why worry Whitney you've done this before? Uh, did I mention that it was the scariest time of my life??? Well it was I thought I was dying & leaving behind a husband and new son. So that morning the nerves set in and there was only so much preparation I could do, only so many pep talks I could give myself. That was quite possibly the quickest 3 hours of my life, I was trying to slow time down but it wasn't happening. The 11:30 rolled around and they surprised me and told me I was going back then. ACK! What the hell happened to NOON????? I was begging for Valiums and was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life!!
Most operating rooms are cold and bright, well it was bright and HOT like the sun. But I was shaking like a leaf, afraid that my spinal would go crazy again and I would be left to lay there breathless, literally! I began to shake, my heart rate began to rise, my nose began to bleed from being so nervous, blood all over OR and they haven't even cut me yet. We waited and waited and waited for the assisting doctor to get there and finally it was time.... TIME FOR THE SPINAL :/
So I knew the whole "mad cat" arched back and all so I sit there trying not to shake, cry, or hop up and RUN LIKE HELL! First little pinch, spot numb, second big pinch, wait, wait, wait, "I'm sorry dear I missed, let me try this again." Evidently I was not "Mad Cat" enough, so here we go again with the first pinch, spot numb, second big pinch, and "LAY BACK Hurry your going to be numb quickly." So I lay back and up goes the heart rate, 150....160....170.... I was a little nervous but after a little crash course in breathing it came back down. As I waited to see if I was going to be numb from the head down, they started my C-Section. About 5 minutes into the deal I get a little upset and start saying "I cannot breathe CANNOT BREATHE, I CANNOT BREATHE DAMMIT!" After the doctor reassured me that it was only them hold my HUGE child up to be able to cut me. He was crowding my lungs making it hard to breathe, so I literally sat there and panted like a dog just to get a good breath. The funny thing was that they had oxygen on my nose and I was breathing out my mouth.
Before I knew it that he was my 'hunka hunka' love Jacob 'Brily' Kloss was born weighing in at a WHOPPING 9 pound 1 ounce and 20 1/2 inches. After a small fight with blood sugar, an IV, and formula to get his sugars up from me having undiagnosed gestational diabetes, he was wonderful, handsome, fat, & well he melted my heart instantly. He was a monster, he rolled over in the hospital bed while I granny walked to his bassinet to get a diaper. He was such a good baby!
He has been wonderful since the day that momma's boy was born. He had to have surgery at one month for pyloric stenosis but recovered like a champ. He's now my 10 month old attention grabbing, eye smiling, charmer!
(1 day old in the hospital)


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